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Susan Greening Davis - Designer - Instructor of Needlework Workshops
DMC "International Teacher of the Year"


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Susan Greening Davis is known as a needle artist/technician. She has had the pleasure of designing, and teaching, for shop owners, guilds, and events for the last 30 years. Susan studied her trade in Denmark, England and now Italy, as well as with the Danish masters who have visited the United States to instruct.

Susan designs all of her creations - from start to the famous “self-finishing” - she is known for. She stitches all of her creations as they come from her head, through her heart, and then the needle. After the correct fabric, fibers, stitches and finishing are completed the design is charted.

Known as the “original gadget gal”, in the industry, has allowed her to teach how many of our beloved “toys” can improve your needle skills. She is a “hands on” teacher, who can teach left-handed students, as well as right-handed ones. (Fondly referred to as the “ambistitcher!”).

Susan received an honor from DMC, an “International Teacher of the Year” award.

She was also selected from an international slate of needleworkers, to appear on HGTV, to represent the counted thread needlework industry.
She is fun and entertaining, while she helps you learn the how and why to become a better stitcher, plus fuel your passion for needlework!

Taught at over 30 events in 2006
DMC International Teacher of the Year Award Winner
The “Original Gadget Gal”
Celebrity Guest on Home and Garden Television
Published Designer: The Cross Stitcher, Just Cross Stitch, Pieceworks
The Country Registry, Needlework Retailer, The Just Cross Stitch 10th Anniversary issue
Remember The LadiesTM , Kreinik Mfg.
Sudberry House, Inc.
Julia’s Needlework's
Designer/Educational Presenter for Instructional Needlework DVDs
featured “authority” in the Monica Ferris Mysteries
Annual guest designer/teacher for “The Mermaid Tour” cruises
Selected for private study, with the Italian needlework master.
Web recognition/patterns:
Kreinik Mfg. and Pieceworks
Needlework Showcase: www.stitching.com/educate


"Thimbleful" of Information

I have had the pleasure of being in the needlework industry for 30 years. 25 of those years I owned a needlework shop, two part of the time. My shops were in central Michigan, The Stitching Company. During that time I was designing class projects and runaway camps for my local needle enthusiasts.

As time progressed I was asked to teach at the festivals, guilds, private groups and for many needlework shops. Five years ago I sold my shops and am now having the time of my life traveling and teaching all over the world.

In 2001 DMC honored me with one of their International Teacher of the Year awards! I was speechless, and if you know me that is something!

My husband and I winter in Florida and live in Michigan for the other seasons.

I hope that you will join me for one, two, or maybe three of my "funderful" class experiences.

That brings up my very special kits, they have been projects that were designed and taught at wonderful classes. So, many of the items are limited in numbers.

I don't sell my pretties, except through this venue and when I come and teach for a sponsor. This makes them very special and not to be found everywhere.

Thank you for being my guest and visiting this wonderland of stitching. Please visit me again, as things will be changing regularly.

Still Stitching, Susan


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