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Why I Love Stitching and Studying with Susan...

  • Hello Susan - A few weeks ago I taught a 26 year old to stitch and she bought the ornament issue and all by herself chose your ornament to stitch for our holiday party exchange. It came out quite nice - we folded under the edges, top mounted it on a piece of wool felt with a braided floss hanger. And, she's made 18 more!!!! I guess when you find a good project you might as well stick with it. We may put her photo in the newsletter and forward it to you. Can't wait to hear more about your trip to Europe that Margi talked about.Donna
  • There was one other thing I was going to tell you. You know all the stitching bags we get at all of your wonderful classes? Well over the years I have collected many of them and in many different colors. They are really now helping the environment. I use them for my grocery shopping. The comments I get are interesting but everyone has to ask about them. Great advertisement, great for the environment.
  • The importance of stitching and the wonderful mail order chapters...I need to tell you the first chapter came at a goodtime for me. I was very stressed out and sat down as
    soon as it came and stitched on it that evening I hadthe whole chapter done by noon the next day. It was very calming to my frazzled nerves. I have enjoyed many of your projects and they have helped me through trouble times.
  • One of the reasons I'm so VERY thankful that you're doing DVDs is because you ARE trained!! You've had to THINK about the execution of the stitches so it becomes part of your nature as a stitcher. I would get an absolute charge out of sitting and stitching with you over a period of time because watching you in action is where all of my unconscious little trouble spots become apparent to me when I SEE the solutions in your work. (It REALLY is like taking you home with me!) Another reason why DVDs are brilliant!! The number of needleworkers who can partake of a DVD is countless!
  • I had such a wonderful time yesterday. I always feel that it is my birthday when I get to take one of your classes. It is such a treat: a gift to me. I have been looking forward to this class because it is something I need in my stitching life, as well as it being so much fun to do. I especially enjoy the lore and history of stitching. I always mean to read biographies of the English Queens who did such beautiful stitching. Thanks for many hours of joyful, peaceful stitching.
  • I want to thank YOU for a wonderful day! You know how much I love to be in your classes and so this was a special Christmas present from my daughter. The best one I received! You just look wonderful and can tell you are enjoying teaching. Then the good times went on another day when Martha and husband came to spend New Year's Day with us and Martha and I sat right down and stitched away on your project. I wish for you all the best in this New Year. Hugs. Ruby Southwest Florida
  • Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful class this past Saturday. It was lots of fun and really went by too fast. You and Sally always have the best classes. Hope to see you again soon.
  • You are the best teacher and I am attempting much more complicated projects due to your classes. Before I was pretty much a beginner and only stitched on Aida.........boy what I was missing!!! Stay well!!! Patti
  • You have been such a blessing in my life over the years. Don't ever doubt whether you should continue teaching if your health holds out. I would come to every class if my budget would allow it. Not only for the creative projects, but just for your fellowship and enthusiasm for life. Thank you -- YOU are the greatest gift given to us all. My meager words must simply say thank you.
  • Susan and Sally:
    Because of the great inspiration you both have been to me to get back on track with my stitchery, I have been helping a couple of friends learn this craft, one young and two a little younger than me.
    My sister is a few years younger than me, a remarkable piano player and a college registrar. She is a Type A, like me. So I went wandering around the net for basic stuff tonight to teach her and found the DMC Mentor program. I signed up all the while thinking, Susan and Sally will not believe how far I have come.
    The young is a teenager who loves to do the paper cutting, lacy doilies. She's eager and so is her grandmother who grows beautiful florist-quality flowers.
    The other in my age group is a co-worker and long time friend who is eager to learn. At work tonight (my weekend to be the night editor), I was waiting for a story and while updating my cross stitch desk calendar, my friend came in. She looked at the stuff and told me how she had watched other girls in college doing stitching in the 1970s and thought, "I could do that." But the career and the Type A that journalists tend to become took over. And she just kept putting it off. . I asked her if she would like to learn and she said, yes she would.
    I will let you know how it goes.
    Small steps, right?
    I have been taking my Claire Bryant St. Augustine history designs to therapy and all the therapists, men and women, check out my progress so the pressure is on to do it right...I also started back at the Anastasia Club pool Ssaturday after a seven-month absence and instead of running straight to the locker room to change, I sit in the shade and stitch!!!! I carry my projects wherever I go, long car trips when Alyn is driving and even short ones.
    I am hooked so to speak!
    Best to both of you...wherever you are this week.
    And thanks again for the inspiration. I am hoping to inspire others, too.
    Stitch' Stress Away Margo
  • Just had to drop you a note to tell you how much I enjoyed Saturday. I'M stitching over 1 using your method and it's great. Has the added benefit of making me more aware of vertical and horizontal threads. See you in Savannah!
  • Arkansas, Mulberry Hill stitching weekend was great. I had not seen Susan for over a year because of my move to Oklahoma. All I can say is friendship is everlasting. Susan continues to be the best in the league - teaching and designing through her many travels, she continues to offer all of us the best in techniques, methods, designs, materials, and historical information and friendship. I don't know another needlework teacher that has more patience and wonderful teaching for her audience. Her designs are and will be everlasting, unique and fun to do. Thank you Susan. Linda, OK
  • I loved your slide show, on your Italian studies, and just can't get over those two hankies and Susan's lace top and silk skirt.
    Susan, you gave us the most fun and rewarding Shipshewana. You really are so special and every detail is attended to and included. We are so spoiled. No wonder you have so many people that love you! You just can't be beat. I love the Etui. Mary from Ann Arbor
  • Thank you again for a wonderful class. Shipshewana is always such fun! One serious moment. I love your classes. I've always been something of a loner and someone
    who doesn't always fit in. I always feel so comfortable and so much a part of things when I'm in your classes. Thank you for that. End of serious moment!
    Linda, from Indiana
  • What another wonderful time with you. It seemed to go so quickly but was a very relaxed class. I love the pieces that you designed and am looking forward to our other times together. Thank you again for the fun time and know that you have greatly blessed my life.
    Betsy in Nashville
  • Susan,
    Thank you once again for a wonderful experience. Your classes leave me yearning for more and inspired. I love the history that you share as you teach. It gives a whole new dimension to what we are working on and makes it even more meaningful because we are learning wonderful stitches that have been stitched for centuries. Thank you also for an opportunity to be a little silly. Many of us live in a daily world where we are expected to be a lot more serious and we have sooooo many responsibilities. You give us an opportunity to lift all of that off of our shoulders for a few days. We also love Sally and Pat and all that they bring to your classes. I just wanted to share a couple of things that I do to keep my " Susan" items in order. When I get home I put each project that I am working on in one of the clear, vinyl, zippered pouches.....that includes the instructions. I make notes on the instructions which include my tablemates and thoughts about the experiences as well as any stitching tidbits that you share. I might also jot down some of the history that you shared. When I have finished the project, I put the instructions in clear plastic sleeves and put them in a loose leaf binder that is only for "Susan Greening
    Davis" projects. That makes a very quick reference, especially if I want to stitch the project again and gift it. Susan, thank you again for your energy, passion, creativity, willingness to share, and for being a stitching friend.
    From Nashville, Karen





















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