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Article #2

“ You Guess the Gadget”

This is an article about a gadget that is good for everyone! So what is this one? See if you can
guess it. It is something that every member of any needlework group will need, especially in the
beginning. Whether you belong to The Embroiderers’ Guild of America, Inc., Crazy Quilter’s of
America, Quilt Guild, American Needlepoint Guild, or a club that your local needlework shops have, this one is important.

It is a gadget that you can create, on your own, with any of the needlework talents you love best. Logcabin patterns, hardanger, crewel, tent stitches, any of these can be incorporated. How about which threads to use? Well, it could be silk, cotton, wool, linen or you could put it on a canvas and use any of the above. How about a bunch of calico fabrics? Yes that would work, too.

I have many of these gadgets and love them all. Some have ribbon, or vintage buttons, with cording, or my favorite has a pocket to keep my extra needles in. (If I am at a convention my room key and some dollar bills for a quick snack can be found inside). This dandy gadget could have a pin on the back of it, or a clip. I have one for every month of the year, (just like the zingers I wrote about last month)! As I like to change them to suit the season of the month. Many chapters, for needlework guilds, have a theme or a special pattern that signifies the chapter of the national organization.

I know lots of my needlework students who design special ones to “wear” at my classes. They do them for their friends so they all have one alike EXCEPT for one part…what is it? Have you
guessed? I bet you have. This most important gadget is a Name Tag!

If you have stitched with any type of needlework group you know that this is very helpful when it comes to learning who everyone is.

It is true, I have many that I have designed and taught. They are always a bit different depending on the creativity of the student. If you haven’t taken the time to create your own personal nametag, do it! You will love wearing it (and in some organizations you will be fined if you don’t)!

Here is one that a student just created and wore to a class of mine. I love it!

Still Stitching,
Susan Greening Davis
The “Original Gadget Gal”
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