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Article #3


Calling all traveling Needleworkers.

Hello all of you gadget junkies. I hope that you have been stitching up a storm, in whatever fabric/thread medium that "makes your heart happy". I have been very busy, as I am preparing to be flown to Hollywood to be on The Carol Duvall Show!! This is very exciting.

As many of you know I travel all over the world to teach about gadgets and counted thread needlework. I was in Detroit Metro airport 68 times last year...too many times when they recognize you there!!!

In my last class, in Gainesville, Florida this is what was all the buzz, from all who had flown in.we have just found out that some, not all, of the airport security systems have changed their policy on the thread cutter disc. They have learned that when this is taken apart there are razor blades inside and they are confiscating them. I imagine this will become standard policy in all of them by the time you read this article.

So, what are we to do, you are asking? I have the solution. There are needle threaders, from Klare International, that have a little tiny edge that will cut your fibers. These serve two purposes in one!
You can load your needle with one end and then cut the thread with the other. Janet Klare was so smart as she put a hole in them so we can tie them onto a pretty ribbon or handmade twisted cord...you know so they won't walk away on you!

Also, Clover Corporation does have a stylish ring, that will cut your thread. It is inexpensive and, again, you wouldn't loose it as you would wear it. I like both and it depends on what kind of thread I am using. The ring is better for heavier ones and the needle threader is more for the finer kinds of thread. Thankfully, we have an alternative, as I know that sitting in airports can be very boring, without our needlework.

I have received many emails from you wanting more information about where I will be at and what I am doing. Please check on my web site (www.susangreeningdavis.com) and then you can sign up to get more information, as they have started a "Susan's Groupies."

Too much fun!!

Still Stitching,
Susan Greening Davis
The “Original Gadget Gal”
Check out Susan’s web site to see where you can study with her.


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