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Hello Stitching Friends,

Hello Still Stitching Sisters,

Thank you for letting me be slow on this update....eight weeks out from surgery and a lot of PT left!

So, 2018 is winding down and I have some fun things left!

Mid November is Treasure Island!!! We will be studying some beautiful work from one of Luzine Happel ‘s Schwalm work books. I have a couple of spaces as two of my regulars stitching sisters go camping, with family, that weekend!
My very exciting end to the year will be at The Crafty Framer, in Largo, FL. we are going to have a Christmas gathering/workshop. IT IS DARLING! Two projects....the same two will be taught each day..so you choose Saturday or Sunday AND you choose 14count Aida or 28 evenweave linen banding. Call Peggy to see if she has openings.

2019 will start out with St. Augustine, in January....always a favorite, February is The Crafty Framer’s cruise...so relaxing, March I will be away in Paris and then a return to MYRTLE BEACH!!! April’s being decided, May is Celebration of Needlework, and June is being decided, July is the Bee Retreat, August is being decided, September is St. Charles, October is Mackinac Island....and I love what I do and I look forward to still stitching, with you!



Still Stitching, Susan



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