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New Sampler Study Club/Stitch Along
with Susan

I am as happy as a little lady bug - to announce another new Sampler Study club/stitch along.

Beginning this January I will be presenting a true band sampler to you, from 1625! I had the honor of purchasing this from an expert on Netherlands needlework.

Hennie Stevan-Bathoorn. It was one of he reprised possessions and she allowed me to buy it with the promise that I would share it.

It has been documented in a historical boo-unfortunately all in Dutch-but it has been translated for us!

This newest adventure will be done a bit differently than the past three. The initial sign up is still $75.00. It includes a large piece of linen, silk threads, and a treat!

Each section of the chart will be posted in a special YAHOO group, monthly. You will need a FREE YAHOO address, to be admitted to this chatroom. The bonus is that I will announce each month when I will be available to answer questions and "chat!" All questions and comments will remain on the chatroom until this project is closed out-as it is limited in membership.

You will copy your own charts and the information text that is posted. This will allow the monthly fee to be dropped to $15.00 per chapter. Again, you will get some treats via snail mail...but not so much time will be spent on each month's mailing, printing, organizing and keeping things straight.

Please join me for this one, and the gals who got to go to Celle were in love with a similar one!!!!! Wow, I have one from the same study as they have!!!!

Penny (cinnamon0223@yahoo.com) will send you an invitation by email to admit you to this exclusive club membership.

Pay by PayPal or by check:
Susan Greening Davis
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