"Still Stitching"

Susan Greening Davis - Designer - Instructor of Needlework Workshops
DMC "International Teacher of the Year"

Antique Sampler Lecture
Given by Susan Greening Davis
Monday August 14, 2017 - 6:00 - 9:00 pm
At Sassy Jacks Stitchery

Do you LOVE antique Samplers? Or are you curious about what all the fuss is about? Well this lecture is for you! Susan Greening Davis has traveled the world and collected some beautiful antique samplers along her way. This is an opportunity to see some of these wonderful works of art up close and personal, and to learn about their importance to the girls, young women, and even boys, who stitched them. Susan has spent decades studying and learning from experts around the world, and she brings this knowledge to you in this wonderful informal forum. Along with the lecture, Susan also provides a fantastic reference document for you to keep.

Join us for some light refreshments at the shop (Sassy Jacks Stitchery) at 5:30 pm. Our lecture begins at 6:00 pm. You’ll get to see the samplers in person, yes… in person; and learn about their history and their cultural importance from Susan Greening Davis. Following the lecture, Susan will also provide a workshop in Blackwork Embroidery, a beautiful type of stitching meant to imitate lace. You can start your project in the shop and take it with you to finish. I will be available to you should you need any additional instruction. Blackwork is so beautiful… You’ll love it! And it has such an interesting place in history.

Cost of the Sampler Lecture including your reference document and Blackwork workshop and kit is only $75. Payment in full is required upon registration.

I’ve included a bio for Susan below for any Newbies. If you haven’t taken a class from Susan, you will love her style. She is very easy to learn from and genuinely loves the history of Needlework. She mixes fun with easy learning and beautiful timeless technique.

Susan Greening Davis
Many of you have studied with Susan Greening Davis before, and are familiar with her famous self-finishing kits. Susan has studied with masters of their stitching craft in locations all over the world, and incorporates her learnings into fun and beautiful projects for her students. For those of you who are new to Susan’s wonderful creations, I’ve shared a bit of her bio below:

Susan Greening Davis is known as a needle artist/technician. She has had the pleasure of designing, and teaching, for shop owners, guilds, and events for the last 30 years. Susan studied her trade in Denmark, England, Germany, Holland, and Italy, as well as with the Danish masters who have visited the United States to instruct.

Susan designs all of her creations – from start to the famous “self-finishing” – she is known for. She stitches all of her creations as they come from her head, through her heart, and then the needle. After the correct fabric, fibers, stitches and finishing are completed the design is charted.

Being known as the “original gadget gal” in the industry has allowed Susan to teach how many of our beloved “toys” can improve your needle skills. She is a “hands on” teacher, who can teach left-handed students, as well as right-handed ones. Susan is fondly referred to as “the ambi-stitcher”!

Susan received an honor from DMC, an “International Teacher of the Year” award. She was also selected from an international slate of needle workers to appear on HGTV, to represent the counted thread needlework industry.

Susan co-authored a wonderful book called “Sibbel, A Needleworker’s Journey” in 2015. The book is acclaimed in the needlework industry as it took a real antique sampler from Holland and detailed the fictional/inspired journey of Sibbel, the young stitcher who actually created the beautiful sampler. The reader is showered with beautiful images of the needlework and patterns inspired by the sampler, along wonderful vignettes of culture and history from the time period.

Susan is fun and entertaining, while she helps you learn the how and why to become a better stitcher, while fueling your passion for needlework.

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Sampler Lecture and Blackwork Workshop
Monday August 14th, 2017

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Cost of the lecture including your blackwork kit is only $75. Payment in full is required upon registration.
Payment by check is preferred. A slight credit processing fee of 3% will be charged for Credit Card Payments. Please call the shop for CC payments.
No refunds will be issued, but If you are unable to attend, your Sampler documentation and Blackwork kit will be mailed immediately after the class via USPS Priority Mail


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